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Pastor's Update 


Dear friends, 

In Christ, we belong.  These are very important words.  Through our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, we belong to God's family.  Belonging is such an important need we have.  Remember in high school how much you wanted to fit in and belong?  When man and woman broke God's bond of love, we lost that precious relationship with God.  To fix this mes, God had Jesus take our place and do what was needed to mend and reconcile the bond of love.

Belonging is a wonderful gift of God.  Belonging to God's family means that I have been made an heir and coheir with Christ.  Jesus will share everything he has in heaven with us.  We are not slaves or servants, but true family members.  That means God includes us in what his business is.  As family members God gives us the authority to influence His decision making be telling us to pray.  We have the ability to change the future through prayer.  Belonging means we live a life of peace between God and us.  Our hearts are at peace with God which enables us to forgive others, love others and be peacemakers.

Come to Salem, whose name means, "peace," and find out how you belong to God's family.  It is a great gift to learn how to deal with conflict and be at peace in your heart, mind and life.

Did you know that we have a gym?  Did you know that Pastor Gumm has a Bible basics class?  I have been in the ministry for 32 years.  I give pre-marrital counseling.  Looking at getting married soon?  I am an Autism specialist.   How can I help?

Keep looking to the Lord for the answers.

Pastor Thomas Gumm

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